Discriminatory Incident

What to Do When a Discriminatory Incident Occurs Saturday, July 18, 2020  9am-1pm PST Often, discriminatory incidents and lawsuits emerge from environments where diversity issues are seldom discussed and where cultural differences are “celebrated” but not practiced or represented. During this workshop, we will explore how to create a culturally competent and sensitive community that is able to embrace and … Read more

Cross-Cultural Facilitation Techniques

Cross-Cultural Facilitation Techniques: 3-Day Online Workshop for Diversity Trainers, Educators & Therapists Friday June 26 – 28, 9 am to 3 pm or Friday July 24 – 26, 9 am to 3 pm Facilitated by Lee Mun Wah Facilitating a group with many cross-cultural perspectives and experiences requires a keen understanding and knowledge of how cultural differences … Read more

May 30, 2020 Advanced Mindful Facilitation

ADVANCED MINDFUL FACILITATION TRAINING Date: Saturday, May 30, 2020 ONLINE WORKSHOP • ALL LEVELS WELCOME This workshop is one of StirFry Seminars’ most popular because participants get the chance to practice with an assortment of culturally sensitive role plays and filmed vignettes, as well as a myriad of confrontational scenarios that will hone advanced-level intervention and … Read more

April 18, 2020 Mindful Facilitation

STIRFRY SEMINARS ONLINE MINDFUL FACILITATION TRAINING Facilitated by Lee Mun Wah In one of our most popular online trainings, Lee Mun Wah will demonstrate the myriad of ways that facilitation, when practiced using Mindful Techniques, can become a useful tool in helping therapists, educators, and counselors to become more culturally competent and skilled in developing … Read more