As confrontations and protests are increasing on our campuses and in our workplaces, so many are unprepared for the increase in emotions as folks become more vocal in their need to be heard, understood and valued. We cannot keep postponing talking with each other simply because we are afraid of losing control and/or power. It does not become safer because we don’t talk about what is happening, rather it becomes more unsafe. When we allow all our voices to be heard and valued, it becomes safer, because we are talking about the issues at hand; we are valuing our differences, not just our similarities. 

In this revolutionary online monthly group gathering, we will explore the myriad of ways that mindfulness practices can positively impact the way we view and practice group process. Through the use of filmed vignettes and personal stories, we will learn not only how to listen, but how to mindfully respond in way that our students, colleagues, and co-workers feel seen, heard, and valued for their individual and cultural differences. We will also learn how to facilitate confrontations and polarized issues from a mindful approach and, in the process, develop a more trusting and authentic community based on curiosity, compassion and empathy. 

We are only one question away from getting to know someone different from ourselves. 
And that one question only comes about when we are willing to be open to another truth;
another world outside our own.

The primary focus of these Group Process classes is that we will be working with filmed vignettes and personal stories as a way of practicing group process from a mindful approach and lens.

The group will be meeting online 9am -11:30am Pacific once a month on Saturdays for two and a half hours. The cost is $75 per session.  

*This monthly class should not be mistaken with our SFS Certified Mindful Facilitation 4 Part Program, which has as its primary focus the mastery of all our Mindful Facilitation Techniques and which meets online from 8am-12noon (Saturday & Sunday) once a month for four consecutive months. Nor our Tea Time groups that meets from 9am-10:30am once a month on Saturdays which focuses primarily on sharing personal stories, diversity issues, and confronting power dynamics such as white privilege.