Mindful Facilitation Certificate Program

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The Mindful Facilitation Certificate Program provides an advanced level communication and facilitation online training program to those wishing to develop their cultural intelligence, as well as individual and group process skills from a Mindful Facilitation and multicultural perspective. This program will also provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively work with educational and social institutions, professional environments, and diverse communities on diversity issues and cross-cultural needs and concerns. 

There are two SFS Certificates available. The first level certificate (Completion of the Curriculum) is awarded for successfully completing the four Mindful Facilitation Training Modules: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Mastery Levels. 

The second level certificate is awarded for having mastered the mindful techniques and completing all the necessary hours interning with Lee Mun Wah co-facilitating online trainings and workshops with agencies all around the country. Upon completion this certificate acknowledges that this individual has now become eligible to become a Certified SFS Trainer in The Art of Mindful Facilitation. Click here for more info on the intern Program.

For more information contact:

510-204-8840 x-101