Mindful Facilitation Summer Intensive Series

Mindful Facilitation Beginning Level, Intermediate LevelAdvanced Level, and Mastery Level. Take them all or one at a time. 24 hours total training time for the complete Mindful Facilitation series.

During the workshops You will be using these required materials:

You can purchase the required materials (if you don’t already have them) at the time you pay for your registration.
If you require additional assistance, please contact sayeh@stirfryseminars.

2024 Summer Intensive Series dates:

$450 for each session (6 hours each session)/$1800 for the entire series

Thursday July 18

Mindful Facilitation Beginning Level

9am-3pm PST   

Friday July 19

Mindful Facilitation Intermediate Level

9am-3pm PST   

Saturday July 20

Mindful Facilitation Advanced Level

9am-3pm PST   

Sunday July 21

Mindful Facilitation Mastery Level

9am-3pm PST   

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Facilitated by Lee Mun Wah

In one of our most popular online trainings, Lee Mun Wah will demonstrate the myriad of ways that facilitation, when practiced using Mindful Techniques, can become a useful tool in helping therapists, educators, and counselors to become more culturally competent and skilled in developing and processing individual and group issues from a diversity and therapeutic lens, using filmed vignettes, role plays, diversity films, personal stories, and interactive exercises.

Some of the Mindfulness Techniques that you will learn are:

  • The Art of Intent & Impact
  • How to De-escalate Cultural Conflicts Within Seconds
  • 22 Ways to Stop a Diversity Conversation
  • How to Transform Anger into Compassion and Curiosity
  • Ways to Diminish Fear Through Curiosity & Self-Reflection
  • How to Create a Culturally Competent Community in Our Classrooms & Faculty
  • Ways to Develop Empathy & Trust Using a Diversity Lens
  • The Art of Noticing What Is Missing Part 1
  • How to Transform a Disconnection into A Reconnection

Online Only (Zoom)

Facilitated by Lee Mun Wah

This workshop is one of StirFry Seminars’ most popular follow-up trainings from Part 1 because participants get the chance to practice with an assortment of culturally sensitive role plays and filmed vignettes, as well as a myriad of confrontational scenarios that will hone advanced-level intervention and facilitation skill sets. Participants will also be making use of advanced-level group interventions that will enhance group processing and observational techniques.

Participants will learn:

  • To Notice Intent & Impact
  • Advanced Interventions for Individual/Group Interactions
  • How to De-escalate Cultural Conflict Within Seconds
  • 22 Ways to Stop a Diversity Conversation 
  • How to Transform Anger into Compassion
  • Ways to Develop Curiosity & Understanding
  • How to Create a Culturally Competent Community
  • Ways to Develop Empathy & Trust
  • Noticing What’s Missing Part 2
  • How to Respond, Not React

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed the Mindful Facilitation Beginning Level session.  Online Only (Zoom)

Facilitated by Lee Mun Wah

This training will be practicing advanced mindful facilitation techniques through the use of filmed vignettes, role plays and personal stories. The main focus will be on integrating group process and mindful facilitation techniques in situations where there are intense confrontations and conflicts over diversity issues, coupled with a high degree of escalation and polarization. Participants will learn how to de-escalate these types of conflicts within seconds and help those who are disconnected to become reconnected. Participants will not only learn the art of listening, but also the art of responding in a way that supports everyone to feel heard, seen and understood.

Participants will learn:

  • How to mindfully facilitate group conflicts within a diversity context
  • How to de-escalate conflicts within seconds
  • Advanced Interventions for Individual/Group Interactions
  • Ways to identify and respond when there is a major disconnection
  • Ways to create community based on empathy and curiosity
  • How to identify when to use the four major advanced mindful interventions
  • How to improve their auditory and visual acuity
  • The Art of Summary
  • How to identify the common threads and issues in most groups
  • The intersection of Mindful Facilitation and Group Process
  • How to use personal stories to create community and deeper understanding
  • The Art of Listening
  • The Art of Co-Facilitation

This training is especially appropriate for: managers, social workers, educators, directors, supervisors, administrators, therapists, and diversity trainers.

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed the Mindful Facilitation Beginning and Intermediate Level sessions.

Online Only (Zoom)

Facilitated by Lee Mun Wah & Co-Facilitator

This Mindful Facilitation Mastery Level session is an online training workshop that follows the completion of Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Level trainings. Each session will be using filmed vignettes and role plays to enhance your mindful facilitation skill sets. Each training will feature issues such as: What to Do When a Discriminatory Incident Occurs, How to Create Community, How to Have Courageous Conversations in the Classroom and Workplace, How to Facilitate Conflicts, and the Intersection of Mindful Facilitation and Group Process. You can attend one or all of them. The choice is yours.

We will utilize a myriad of vignettes dealing with race, gender, class, physical impairments, and BIPOC issues. In addition, the last part of each session will be reserved to work on private vignettes that participants are having difficulty with or need guidance on from the group’s vast wisdom and experience.

Vignettes and role plays will be drawn from Lee Mun Wah’s films: Stolen Ground, The Color of Fear, Last Chance for Eden, If These Halls Could Talk and from his writings: The Art of Mindful Facilitation, What Stands Between Us and Let’s Get Real.

Between sessions, participants will have the option to meet in groups to discuss suggested topics and as a way of creating a sense of community and support for each other.

Mastery Level Objectives:

  • How to mediate large group conflicts and confrontations
  • Ways of improving listening and responsive skillsets
  • Developing ways to create a sense community with diverse groups
  • How to de-escalate diversity related conflicts and confrontations
  • Noticing what is missing 
  • Understanding how social context and group process intersect
  • How to use personal stories to create more authentic and deeper relationships
  • Ways to de-escalate conflicts within seconds using Mindful techniques

Prerequisite: Must have attended Advanced Mindful Facilitation workshops: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Mindful Facilitation Certificate Program: must attend 4 Mastery Level sessions to receive a certificate.

Online Only (Zoom)