Past Workshops

April 18, 2020 Mindful Facilitation

STIRFRY SEMINARS ONLINE MINDFUL FACILITATION TRAINING Facilitated by Lee Mun Wah In one of our most popular online trainings, Lee Mun Wah will demonstrate the myriad of ways that facilitation, when practiced using Mindful Techniques, can become a useful tool in helping therapists, educators, and counselors to become more culturally competent and skilled in developing and processing individual and group issues from a diversity and therapeutic lens, using filmed vignettes, role plays, diversity films, personal stories, and interactive exercises. Some of the Mindfulness Techniques that you will learn are: The Art of Intent & Impact Advanced Interventions for Individual/Group Interactions How to De-escalate Cultural Conflicts Within Seconds 21 Ways to Stop a Diversity Conversation How to Transform Anger Into Compassion and Curiosity Ways to Diminish Fear Through Curiosity & Self-Reflection How to Create a Culturally Competent Community In Our Classrooms & Faculty Ways to Develop Empathy & Trust Using a Diversity Lens The Art of Noticing What Is Missing How to Transform A Disconnection Into A Reconnection Lee Mun Wah, is a master diversity trainer, author and filmmaker. His groundbreaking film, The Color of Fear, has been seen by over 30 million viewers all over world. In 1995, Oprah Winfrey