The Intersection of Mindful Facilitation & Group Process

So many times, much of our education as therapists has lacked adequate training from a diversity perspective and lens. Partly because therapists have received ‘awareness training’ but almost no ‘practical skills training’ in dealing with diversity-related issues or confrontations when working with groups from diverse populations.   In this training we will demonstrate the myriad of ways … Read more

Mindful Facilitation Training Part 3, Advanced Practicum

This training will be practicing advanced mindful facilitation techniques through the use of filmed vignettes, role plays and personal stories. The main focus will be on integrating group process and mindful facilitation techniques in situations where there are intense confrontations and conflicts over diversity issues, coupled with a high degree of escalation and polarization. Participants will … Read more

Conflict Facilitation Training

Many discussions around diversity issues are bound to have communication issues and potential for some form of conflict or misunderstanding. The Buddhists say that conflict is both an opportunity and a sign of danger. At StirFry Seminars, we call it a “dangerous opportunity”! In our experience, conflicts are often opportunities for growth and deeper understandings … Read more