Mindful Facilitation Beginning Level

In one of our most popular online trainings, Lee Mun Wah will demonstrate the myriad of ways that facilitation, when practiced using Mindful Techniques, can become a useful tool in helping therapists, educators, and counselors to become more culturally competent and skilled in developing and processing individual and group issues from a diversity and therapeutic … Read more

Mindful Facilitation Intermediate Level

This workshop is one of StirFry Seminars’ most popular follow-up trainings from Part 1 because participants get the chance to practice with an assortment of culturally sensitive role plays and filmed vignettes, as well as a myriad of confrontational scenarios that will hone advanced-level intervention and facilitation skill sets. Participants will also be making use … Read more

Mindful Facilitation Advanced Level

This training will be practicing advanced mindful facilitation techniques through the use of filmed vignettes, role plays and personal stories. The main focus will be on integrating group process and mindful facilitation techniques in situations where there are intense confrontations and conflicts over diversity issues, coupled with a high degree of escalation and polarization. Participants will … Read more